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ATEME VSTV K + функциясын Bandwidth жинақ пен кірісті барынша арттыру үшін қосады


PARIS, DENVER, SINGAPORE, SAO PAULO, 08 қараша 2018 - ATEME, эфирге шығуға, кабельді, DTH, IPTV және OTT бұл туралы бүгін жариялады Vietnam Satellite Digital Television (VSTV K+), the biggest серік operator in Vietnam, has successfully deployed its TITAN solution for its Direct-to-Home (DTH) services.

Thanks to ATEME’s TITAN, the Vietnamese operator has achieved OPEX and outstanding bandwidth savings in MPEG-2 and H.264, resulting in significant серік transponder usage. In addition, the solution provides the company with the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: chosen platform is flexible and ready for future upgrades to 4K and HEVC without complicated system changes
  • Highest Video Quality: ATEME’s TITAN delivers the highest video quality at the lowest possible bitrate which is crucial to get the best user experience
  • Easy Operations: TITAN таза программалық шешімі жабдықты абстракция және операциялық қарапайымдылық арқасында интеграция мен операцияларды жеңілдетеді

“After a long time of testing with all other key vendors, we decided to choose ATEME because it offered the best video quality and the highest flexibility”, said Mr. Do Van Phuc – Technical Director at VSTV K+. “ATEME’s platform is easy to manage, very straightforward and innovative. The chosen solution not only allows us to do what we need now (SD, HD, MPEG2, H.264) but also ensures we are investing in the future (4K, HEVC)”.

He added: “The ATEME team was very professional and supportive throughout the process, especially during the crucial stages of deployment.”

“ATEME has successfully implemented several DTH deployments in Asia and we are very proud to add VSTV K+ to our growing portfolio. As the biggest DTH operator in Vietnam, VSTV K+ is focused on providing premium content to its viewers, using the most advanced tv technologies,“ said Duc Long Nguyen ATEME Sales Director. “With ATEME’s solution

VSTV K+ can now cost-effectively deliver the highest video quality across its channels.”

About VSTV (K+):

Вьетнам серік Digital Television (VSTV) is a joint venture between two leading partners in the field of television i.e. VTV and Canal Overseas. VTV is the national television broadcaster for Vietnam while Canal Overseas is the foreign distribution subsidiary of Canal+ Group, operating 7 серік platforms over 5 continents with millions of subscribers all over the world.

ATEME туралы:

ATEME (PARIS: ATEME), бейне жеткізуді өзгерту. ATEME AV1, HEVC, H264, MPEG2 бейне тарату үшін кабельдік, DTH, IPTV Және OTT. Қосымша ақпаратты мына жерден таба аласыз Www.ateme.com. Бізді Twitter-де қадағалаңыз: @ateme_tweets және LinkedIn

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